A Lucky Find

I’ve been working hard on my Around The Bases blanket (written by ChiChi Allen) for the past few weeks. My Sophie’s Garden center square was ready to go when the CAL first began, but I wasn’t able to keep up with making one section a week.

I chose a rainbow of worsted weight yarns from my stash. Several of the yarns were originally used for other projects. I had enough left to keep for a second project, but not enough to make something with just that yarn alone. After completing just 3 weeks of the CAL, I realized I wouldn’t be able to finish the project with just the yarn in my stash.

My original plan for Week 4 was to use Bernat’s Berella 4 Solids and Ragg in Soft Antique Rose for rows 17 and 18, and a darker pink for the following two. I almost made it to the end of row 18, but I ran out of Soft Antique Rose just as I turned the corner for the 4th and final side. Instead of unraveling the last two rows and picking a different color, I started searching. Hopefully someone online had an extra skein to de-stash. No such luck. So, off to the store I went hoping I could find a substitute yarn that was close enough.

I got so lucky!


Bernat’s Berella 4 Solids and Ragg may be discontinued, but Loops and Thread’s Impeccable is an extremely close match. I think it might even be the same yarn but with a new name. If you gave me an unlabeled skein of Berella in Soft Antique Rose and an unlabeled skein of Impeccable in Soft Rose, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

I also picked up an extra skein of some other colors I was running low on. Here is the full set of colors.


Please note: I am not connected with any of the yarn companies pictured in any way. I am simply a happy customer. 🙂


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