Pattern Review: The Finger Protector

I am so thankful for The Finger Protector, designed by Ravelry user Knitted Sheep! I’ve been hard at work on a knitted doll using Arne & Carlos’ helpful Knitted Dolls book. Trouble is, my tight gauge combined with the tiny 1.5 double-pointed needles I’m using create a lot of finger pain because the needles keep digging into my ring finger.


  • Quick to knit
  • Uses scrap fingering-weight yarn
  • Looks cool
  • Prevents the pain of tiny needles digging into your finger
  • Allows you to knit longer as a result
  • Can be made in a variety of colors to match your project, your outfit, or both!
  • Has lots of design possibilities if you play with striping or the stitch pattern on the outer half of the pattern
  • Makes a great gift for fellow crafters in your life


  • Takes a little time to get used to wearing it while knitting
  • So comfortable that you may forget to take it off

No pictures yet since I just made it yesterday and haven’t had the chance. Definitely planning to make more of these with other scrap yarn. Update coming soon!

Next up on my list of useful things to make: Jodi Sallese-Mason‘s Hold My Cable Needle Please!

Feel free to share the tried-and-true handknit notions you’ve discovered!


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