I Have A Problem…

I just got back on Sunday night from a great fun-filled weekend down in Winona, which is why my weekly post is once again late. As I was unpacking and reorganizing, I noticed that I have a lot of works-in-progress lying around. I also knew that there were several projects waiting patiently in my crafting closet, ready to be started.

This made me wonder just how many projects are currently on my crafting to-do list.


I realize this may not seem like a lot to some of you, but remember that each project takes time to complete. I am also in the process of de-cluttering my space, and all that yarn and material takes up space. Not to mention the fact that the bags of WIPs stacked together can make a crafter a little bit overwhelmed. And because I’m easily distracted by shiny new projects, there is a good chance that this could all happen again if I don’t do something about it now.

Well the time is now! This is how I’m going to tackle my WIP mountain.

Step 1: Make a list.

This morning, I pulled out my whiteboard and wrote down every single WIP. Some are big or complex items best worked on at home like blankets or dolls. Others are more portable like shawls and scarves. I put a green dot next to all the travel-sized projects and a red dot next to all the bigger, less transportable projects.

Step 2: Set a reasonable limit.

I wrote in the corner of my whiteboard: “No new projects until you have 3 or less in each category.” These categories are the travel projects marked by green dots and the at-home projects marked by red dots. This gives me some flexibility to choose which project I am in the mood to work on at the time and makes the goal seem a little less overwhelming.

Step 3: Decide when you can stitch away.

This is when you set the ground rules for your expedition. I stitch away on a project whenever I can find free time, but I often try to work on the smaller travel projects first and ignore the big scary at-home projects until they are all that remain. That means rule #1 is you have to work on the at-home projects while you’re at home. You can work on the travel projects when you meet up with a friend, go to a public knitting night, are on public transportation, are on a road trip, or whenever else you are out and about.

It’s hard for me to craft without some kind of background noise, so I will be crafting while listening to podcasts and audiobooks, watching the NASCAR race if it happens to be on broadcast, or watching a movie or show that I need to see. This serves two purposes: I can catch up on the media I want to enjoy while taking down the WIP mountain.

Step 4: Make a deadline.

You need to set a reasonable goal that you have a good chance of reaching. It’s the end of April right now. I want to finish the current set of WIPs by the end of 2016.

Step 5: Declare your current WIP mountain stats.

Total WIPs: 19.
Travel WIPs: 8.
At-home WIPs: 11.

Step 6: Get stitching!

So today before work I’m going to finish the backstitching on the Beautiful Savior cross-stitch. Over the weekend, I will learn how to do beadwork on cross-stitching (YAY NEW SKILLS!) and finish this last step before washing the fabric and asking my parents for help with stretching and framing. Before the weekend arrives, I will be stitching away at the next project on the list.

The reason I’m posting this all today is because now that the plan is out there, I have someone to keep me accountable. At the end of each month, I will write an update post and watch as the WIP mountain shrinks down to a more manageable WIP hill.

Perhaps you are facing your own WIP hill. Have no fear! You can do this. We’ve got this! Just keep on stitching.


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