Basketweaving Adventure

We learned how to do basketweaving this weekend! I did this once before during activities at the Concordia Language Village El Lago Del Bosque but it’s been a long time. Laurie and I found some awesome wooden reed at the Textile Garage Sale a few weeks ago, and now we’re going to see what we can make.


This is definitely an outdoor activity because we’re working with water-soaked reed. Thankfully we had a nice sunny day to be out on the front sidewalk! 🙂

YouTube is always a great place to find tutorials and resources. Below are some of the ones I’m using as guidance. We mainly relied on the first three. Everyone seems to have a little bit different idea about how to get started, but the same concepts are all there. Soak the reeds so they are flexible. Weave over and under. Have an odd number of spokes to keep the over-and-under rhythm.

All  rights go to the original posters of these videos. Thank you for posting these and sharing your knowledge with the world! What would we modern-day crafters do without video tutorials??

After a while, we set the videos aside and just went for it. Here’s the result!


Next time I want to figure out different kinds of basket rims and maybe even how to attach handles.

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