WIP Mountain Update for June

It’s the end of the month, which means it’s time for a WIP Mountain update post! It might not look like it, but I feel like I’ve made some decent progress in May.

Current WIP Mountain Stats

Total WIPs: 18.
Travel WIPs: 8.
At-home WIPs: 10.

I am currently stitching away on the Flower Brooch Trio from the Spring 2015 issue of Simply Knitting. This project is actually 3 projects in 1 because I want to make all 3 beautiful flowers in the pattern.

I’m making very slow progress on Around The Bases. Just finished the first round of Week 5. The trouble is that each round takes longer as the blanket grows (surprise, surprise!) and I like to have time to complete a round in one sitting.

The Beautiful Savior cross-stitch is finished and waiting to be washed and pressed before I can add beadwork. And of course we need to find time to visit Stitchville USA and pick out a frame for it.

Still looking for the best pattern for my Pipsqueak chicken. It’s a fuzzy cream-colored yarn that makes me think of feathers and a little bit of The Red Wheelbarrow. The way I picture the project hasn’t quite matched the patterns I’ve found, so I’m still tinkering.

My doll is finally done! All with the help of Arne and Carlos’s Knitted Dolls book! I’d like to go back and re-do her glasses. They’re made with fine silver-colored wire from an old beaded bobby pins kit from a middle school book order. Just a little too fragile for much more than reading all those books.


The most challenging part was the hair. It’s definitely not as even as it could be, but it turned out much better than the last time, when I tried to trim a wig for a friend’s Halloween costume. I almost went up to the nearest hair salon to ask for help. Wonder if they’d offer their expertise for doll haircuts!

She’s about the same size as Werner, so I’m sure he’ll be inviting her along on his worldly adventures.


Aside from being absolutely adorable, I started this project to get ideas for how to approach my next pattern design: plushie versions of my characters Farbie and Sasquatch. More details on these two in a later post.

Next Steps

My goal for June is to have the Beautiful Savior cross-stitch framed by the end of the month. The warmer weather has me thinking that it’s time to set up the sewing machine and focus on the quilting projects we fell in love with at the Gathering of the Green. I also have a couple holiday embroidery kits waiting in line, one of which came from the Textile Garage Sale. And of course, I’m looking forward to more basket weaving on those gorgeous sunny summer days!


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