A Mostly Productive Monday

Remember those holiday embroidery kits I talked about last week? Well, the Santa Poses and Tiny Victorian Stockings kits are ready for assembly. I had forgotten how far I had gotten with Santa Poses, and it turns out that I had finished the cross-stitching portion of the remaining four ornaments a couple years ago (two of the six ornaments are already featured on our family Christmas tree). My Grandma started making the Tiny Victorian Stockings several years ago. It’s one of several WIPs that I rescued to finish for her when she passed away in 2010. She did all the cross-stitching, so all that’s left is to give the ten ornaments their stocking shapes.

Off to JoAnn Fabrics! I found the perfect red felt for the Santa Poses ornaments and a lovely darker red cotton for the Tiny Victorian Stockings ornaments. I also found some fusible lightweight interfacing for the Fat Quarter Pop-Up kit I got during the quilt shop hop at the Gathering of the Green. I’m thinking one of my two music-themed fat quarters will be perfect for this project.

And of course, no trip to the crafts store is complete without a visit to the yarn aisle, no matter how dangerous such a visit may be. I found a few beautiful yarns that I can’t work with yet (see the WIP Mountain goal: no new projects until the current WIPs become FOs). That said, the moment I am able to start a new project I will go back to look at the Buttercream Angel Hair Multi in cream, lime green, and denim blue for some cozy warm scarves, and Red Heart Boutique Sashay Sequins in dark blue and royal purple for Christmas presents. I didn’t want to leave these beautiful yarns behind, but rules are rules and I’ll be thankful that I stuck to my goal later on.

So all in all it was a productive trip…

…until I pulled into the driveway and realized that I forgot the gauge ruler I was hoping to find. Guess I’ll just have to save that for the next trip.

Time to get assembling those ornaments!

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