June was a good month! I just love the feeling of finishing a project and getting to show off your handiwork. With the hot weather, I set most of my usual knitting aside and focused on the sewing and cross-stitching instead.

Current WIP Mountain Stats

Total WIPs: 16
Travel WIPs: 7

At-home WIPs: 9

Looks pretty good, huh? The most encouraging part in my eyes is that 3 of those at-home WIPs are in their finishing stages, so I’ll easily be able to check them off in the month of July.

This month’s progress

I spent the first part of the month doing a lot of prep work for the two Christmas ornament kits on the list, the Santa Poses (left) and Tiny Victorian Stockings (right).


I also learned a hard lesson when trying to start the Snowman Stocking kit I found at the Textile Garage Sale: sometimes it’s better to take your time hand-sewing instead of trying to rush along with the sewing machine. This is especially true when you are only somewhat good at sewing straight lines and are still working up to curves and sharp turns. Can you tell I’m inexperienced with a sewing machine?

That said, I’m really happy with how the Fat Quarter Pop-Up turned out! Mom and I found the kit and the fabric for this project while on the quilt shop hop at the Gathering of the Green. The biggest challenges were trying to figure out the gathering stitch and, in general, how to work with the family sewing machine. Sewing isn’t my usual craft, but I enjoy trying new skills.


Of course, I did get one knitting project put together: the three designs from the Flower Brooch Trio in Simply Knitting! I found that the pattern knits up quickly if you cast on multiple petals on the same needles. Just make sure you keep track of your different working yarns!


Next Steps

Next on the list is:

  1. Cleaning, pressing, doing beadwork for, stretching, and hopefully framing the Beautiful Savior cross-stitch.
  2. Finish assembly on the Santa Poses and Tiny Victorian Stockings.
  3. Continue working on the Snowman Stocking.
  4. Start work on the three eReader Covers I have planned. I found the pattern and fabrics for these projects on the same quilt shop hop, but I believe I need to gather more materials first. Must be time for another visit to the fabric store!
  5. Begin sequin work for the Partridge in a Pear Tree applique project.
  6. Continue stitching away on the Gradient 1 Wrap any time traveling is involved this month. Keep your eye out for an upcoming post about the Great River Shakespeare Festival in Winona!

Hopefully there will also be another basket weaving day with Laurie this month. We’ll see how our schedules match up.

Enjoy the 4th of July holiday and have a happy month of crafting! 🎆🎇


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