As You Like It

My family and I visited Winona on Saturday to see “As You Like It” at the Great River Shakespeare Festival with our friends Brittney and Tony. The day started with a trip to Bloedow’s Bakery to enjoy the best donuts in MN. After that, we had a few hours to explore downtown. While Mom and Dad went to the farmers’ market and to Acoustic Café for lunch, Brittney, Tony, and I went over to Yarnology to look for buttons for the baby booties I’m making for a friend at work. It just so happens that the big semi-annual clearance sale was still underway, so of course we looked at all the beautiful yarns too. Brittney and Tony are into Pokémon Go and were able to catch three Pokémon who were hanging out by the register with Kelly. Who knew that Pokémon were knitting fans too!

I had another lucky find in the One-Skein Wonder basket at Yarnology. This is where the Yarnologists put the last skein of a colorway for a 25% off discount. It just so happens that there was a gorgeous Cactus Flower skein of Tosh Merino Light by madelinetosh that would pair perfectly with the skein of magenta Alpaca Superlight by Lang Yarns that my friend Claire gifted me after her most recent visit to Germany. I’ve been puzzling over what to make with the Alpaca Superlight for months. I’ve never worked with lace-weight yarn before. I brought it along on my last visit to Yarnology to brainstorm with the Yarnologists. When I showed the Tosh Merino Light to Kelly, we knew the two yarns were meant to go together.

The two yarns were practically made for each other!
Before we went back to campus for the play, Brittney and Tony introduced me to a favorite restaurant of theirs for lunch. I had never been to Beno’s Deli before and I’ve definitely been missing out! The turkey supreme sandwich was wonderful! And who should we find once we reached the box office but our friend Kate who was helping with tickets and merch for the play! It was so great to see her again!

What I love about Shakespeare’s comedies are the tremendous amount of wit and the wondering how all the misunderstandings will be resolved by the end of the play. “As You Like It” won’t disappoint! GRSF has several photo albums online to showcase their plays. Here is just a taste of the play that we enjoyed. I especially love the paper lanterns used for the Forest of Arden, which make the set feel extra magical. We talked with artistic director Doug Scholz-Carlson after the play. He said that the lanterns were actually one of the first decisions they made about the set design. We thought they were perfect!

Season 13’s theme is “Get Carried Away”
We also got to admire the Season 13 raffle quilt for the festival. The quilt was made by Mary Alice Anderson, Deep Cipov, Mary Kaser, Ann Kendrick, Lori Krumholz, and Margaret Grund. The design, by Bebe Benson, features a hot air balloon, the Mississippi River, and the Minnesota bluffs. The quilters used fabrics that were also used to make the costumes for the festival. The star blocks stand for the first 12 seasons of the festival. The quilt is a tradition of GRSF and will go to a lucky winner at the festival’s Callithump fundraising event later in July.

After the play, we went out to the courtyard listen to the Concert On The Green and visit with Dr. Oness before heading back home. I’m so glad we got to visit with her and talk with so many great people, all while enjoying the beautiful sunny afternoon!

Back home the next day, I went straight onto Ravelry to start picking a pattern for those beautiful pink yarns. I know they will become a small shawl or scarf of some kind. Between the two yarns, I should have 400-500 yards to work with. I’m very thankful for Ravelry’s bundles feature. It makes this process so much simpler! Round 1 was just picking patterns that caught my eye, which resulted in a bundle full of 20 patterns to pick from. Round 2 was removing anything that I didn’t have enough yarn to complete. Don’t worry – I’ve kept them in my favorites for later! That narrowed it down to 10. In round 3, I looked closer at the stitch patterns and narrowed the list down to just 4 patterns. I was looking for interesting designs that would show off both yarns.

I ultimately chose the Serenity shawl by Rachel Booker. The stockinette sections will be perfect for showing off the Tosh Merino Light, while the lace sections will be perfect for showing off the Alpaca Superlight. The best part is that Booker designed her shawl for knitters to customize as they like it (see how I connected it back to Shakespeare there? 😉 Tee hee!). Very appropriately, Claire and I are also both fans of the TV show Firefly, which takes place aboard the Firefly-class ship Serenity.

With yarn and pattern both chosen, I can get started on this particular piece of the WIP Mountain expedition. With any luck I can finish and wear it for the first Sunday with the Faithful Ringers in the fall. My WIP Mountain list actually includes a couple of shawls that I’m looking forward to wearing on Sundays. We’ll see what the fall will bring!


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