A Spontaneous Adventure

When I went to bed last night, I was still debating what to do with my day off after working the full weekend. Today far exceeded my expectations!

First, I met for an early lunch at Smashburger with my friend Jacob who is just back from China (welcome back! 🙂 ). I tried the Spicy Jalapeño Baja Burger but had to take the jalapeños off because they were too overwhelming. A very good burger and went great with the Oreo shake that we split.

lindenyarnsThen, found my way over to Linden Yarn & Textiles, Inc. where Chris helped me pick the perfect yarns to pair with the periwinkle Shetland Spindrift from my friend Claire – a wonderful present from her trip to Scotland in 2014. The blue Unicorn Tails in the middle reminds me of the children’s book The Rainbow Fish. I’ll be making the Second Sock Syndrome Hat that Chris designed.

And before anyone asks, this was already on my WIP Mountain list. I was originally thinking of making the Baa-ble Hat and needed to find additional yarns. Plans changed slightly…:) Though I’m sure I’ll have another opportunity to make the Baa-ble Hat soon.

In other news, Marie recently sent me another book that our friend Michelle had first shared with her. Mrs. Hudson’s Diaries arrived in the mail on Saturday. I just started reading it today and so far I’m loving it! Thanks for sharing! ❤


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