The Road To The Ravellenic Summer Games 2016

We here in the crafting world like to have our own fun while the Olympics are taking place. As we watch athletes from around the world competing in Rio this August, we will be stitching away during the Ravellenic Summer Games 2016.

The event essentially works like this: you cast on during the actual Olympics’ Opening Ceremonies on August 5th at 7:15 pm Rio time. You have until 11:59 pm Rio time on August 21st to finish the projects in your chosen events. This year you can also earn various laurels. Every bit of the official event is being coordinated through the Ravelry page.

As luck would have it, three of the projects on my WIP Mountain project list use souvenir yarn from my friend Claire’s international travels. The Shetland Spindrift is from her early 2014 Scotland trip, the Strumpfwolle is from her 2015 Germany trip, and the Alpaca Superlight is from her 2016 Germany trip.

My events are:

  • WIPs Wrestling – making the Fanny shawlette with the Strumpfwolle, which I started in February of this year. As an added bonus, this pattern is written in Finnish and I am attempting to follow it with the help of Google Translate. This project also qualifies for the Single Skein Laurel.
  • Hat Dash – making the Second Sock Syndrome Hat with the Shetland Spindrift. This project also qualifies for the Colorwork Laurel because I’ll be working with several beautiful colorways.
  • Shawl Sailing – making the Serenity shawl with the Alpaca Superlight. This project also qualifies for the Lace Laurel.

Other WIP Mountain projects could also qualify for the Ravellenic Games, but I need to be somewhat realistic about what I can complete in a short time. That said, not completing all three projects is not a problem. My only goal is to make significant progress.

Will you be competing with us? Which events are you participating in? Do you have a team?

See you on the Ravelry group page!

3 thoughts on “The Road To The Ravellenic Summer Games 2016

  1. Yay!The Ravellenic games! I’m competing for Team Mother Bear this year, as well as Team Catitude(For my non mother bear project toys) But I am very excited. See you there!


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