It’s County Fair Time!

Admittedly, most of the county fair is not for me. The animal buildings are more fun for little kids (same goes for the games and rides on the midway), the music is by groups that others will enjoy more, and the food has gotten so painfully expensive.

I come for the crafts.

I make three stops when I come to the county fairgrounds: the 4H building, the education building (any school-age crafting projects not done by 4H members), and the agriculture building (all the adult baking and crafting projects).

I’ve been displaying my work at the county fair since 5th grade, and I’ve only missed a couple of years when there just wasn’t time to make anything that would qualify. I was still crafting, but the rules state that “all work must be of the current year.”

Our local county fair is August 10-14. My family and I will be out of town the last two days for our family reunion, but I will still be displaying  my projects and admiring all the talent that lives in our county.

I will be submitting:

  • The Birds Of A Feather shawl
  • My mini-me doll
  • The “Snow”man Stocking

I’ll include pictures next week at the end of the fair once I know the results. Wish me luck!

I’m also planning to visit the state fair at least one of the twelve days, August 25-September 5. I missed the deadline to submit any of my projects for this year, but I do plan to submit a few things for next year. Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous projects on display at both events!


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