August Rewind Part 1: Family Reunion and County Fair

Part 1 of our August adventure was a trip up to Wadena for a family reunion with Mom’s side of the family. The family lives all over, as far as Idaho and Florida, so it’s really special to have most of us in the same space for the day.

Mom and I are somewhere in the middle… ๐Ÿ™‚

I don’t know many of my relatives very well – awful side-effect of the distance – but I was intent on enjoying the moment. So I grabbed a picnic table, took out my knitting, and talked and stitched. Those of us who craft talked about what we’ve been working on lately, and the rest of us just caught up on life in general. Everyone was interested in what I was making that day – the Second Sock Syndrome hat I was making for the Ravellenic Games. My cousin Lorri also commissioned me to make two cuddly chickens using a pattern I had just finished working with and brought along to show off. Don’t worry, I’ll share more in an upcoming post.

We stayed overnight in Alexandria where my grandma used to live up the hill from the lake. It feels a little weird to be there when she’s not. While we were there, we decided to say hi to Big Ole, Alex’s resident giant celebrity. My roaming gnome buddy Werner came along for the trip and was excited to meet Mr. Ole in person.

On the way home, we discovered that we just happened to be 5 miles away from Darwin, home to the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota. Naturally, we had to take Werner to check it out. He even got to sign the guestbook!

I’m really going to have to start a kids’ book series of Werner’s travels. The little guy gets around! ๐Ÿ˜€

Back home that night, it was time to pick up the craft projects I had entered. We don’t ever spend very much time at the fair, just long enough to say hi to a few friends and check out the three arts and crafts buildings. There was so much great talent on display this year as always! Below is just a selection of the projects on display.

I’m happy to say that my doll won 3rd prize and my shawl won 2nd! I’m already brainstorming projects to submit for next year.

Up next is August Rewind Part 2: State fair and Renaissance Festival!


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