Checking In

Uff da… what an eventful August! And it’s already mid-September…oh dear!!

Current WIP Mountain Stats

Total WIPs: 16
Travel WIPs: 6

At-home WIPs: 7
Special WIPs: 3

Yes, I keep adding special projects. But the original set of projects is slowly and surely getting finished!

One of the special projects is a Big Herringbone Cowl for a co-worker in exchange for a Klondike Bar (it was delicious 🙂 ). We chose Simply Soft Party in black, with beautiful silver flecks. The goal is to finish it before the snow starts to fall.

I also added another special project… As I was knitting and chatting with family at the family reunion, I brought sweet little Henrietta along to show off.

She’s made with the remaining Pipsqueak yarn from the Fading Waves baby blanket I made for a friend and co-worker. The whole time I was knitting the blanket, I couldn’t stop picturing this yarn as chicken feathers, which is how Henrietta was added to the project list. The pattern is slightly modified and I needed to place a paperclip around each stitch so I could see what I was doing. She turned out exactly as I’d hoped!

My cousin Lorri thought she was especially cute. She’s commissioned two chickens, one white and one soft brown for Christmas presents. The yarn just came in and I am now stitching away!

The third special project I’ve added is a Berry Baby Hat for another co-worker expecting a baby girl in a few short weeks.

One of my co-workers recently welcomed an adorable baby boy into the world. These baby booties and puppy lovey are to celebrate his arrival. They were one of my special projects from last month. We’re all excited to meet baby Braxton! 🙂


The Ravellenic Games were wild and fun! I only got one of my three projects done, but I’m glad to say that I made great progress on all three. I medalled in the Hat Dash and earned the Colorwork Laurel with this Second Sock Syndrome Hat. When I’m allowed to start more personal projects again, I’d like to use the leftover Unicorn Tails to make some matching fingerless mittens.

I’m really looking forward to the second half of September. The Faithful Ringers’ first rehearsal is in just two more days, so it’s back to bell choir! I’ve really been missing the ensemble and I can’t wait to get started again.

I don’t expect to make much progress on the WIP Mountain list because the special projects all have deadlines and take higher priority. We’ll see if I can still get some stitching in here and there…

Happy crafting! 🙂


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