A Holiday Update

Hello! I have so much to write about from the last few months. Went to #SGCHI2016 with Tia in Chicago and had an absolute blast! Two weeks later, went to the second annual NerdCon: Stories in Minneapolis which was also completely incredible! I’m very much looking forward to sharing these experiences in this space very soon.

But first, I have some crafting updates to catch up on.

Current WIP Mountain Stats

Total WIPs: 12
Travel WIPs: 5

At-home WIPs: 6
Special WIPs: 1

I decided to do an experiment with finger crocheting while we were in Chicago. I picked up a beautiful skein of blue Buttercream Luxe Thick & Thin, which has a lovely pebbly texture that reminds me of those wonderful grayish blue landscaping stones. This was my first attempt at finger crochet and it worked out surprisingly well! I finished it by the end of the first day of the convention just by stitching away while waiting in the signing lines and sometimes while listening to the guest star panels.


A co-worker recently welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world, so is expecting a new baby girl to arrive very soon, so another co-worker and I are teaming up to give her a cute outfit to wear. My half of our baby gift is this Berry Baby Hat. This pattern is quick to knit up and would be easy to modify for different seasons. I’m already imagining pumpkins, blueberries, strawberries, and other cute things.


I caught a nasty case of the sniffles at the start of October. During this time, I didn’t want to be working on any of my current projects, so I pulled a skein of red and purple Red Heart Sashay out of the stash. I haven’t made a ruffle scarf before and it was fun to experiment with. The scarf knits up quickly once you understand how to work with this yarn and I think it looks beautiful. I have two other skeins of white and light blue ruffle scarf yarn that I will not be working on until I catch up on the remaining WIP Mountain projects.

This is the infinity scarf that I made for a co-worker in answer to the question “What would you do for a Klondike bar?” It’s a Big Herringbone Cowl made with black Caron Simply Soft Party. It’s wonderful yarn to work with and I enjoy how it sparkles in the sunlight. My goal was to finish it before the snow began to fly, and I gave the finished scarf to my co-worker just in time for the first major cold spell of the winter. πŸ™‚

A few days later, I also completed the final beadwork for the Beautiful Savior cross-stitch. I’ll post a picture when we finally get it framed.

Henrietta’s two cousins are finished as of the start of December and they have flown the coup to North Dakota! But not before a little Christmas caroling. “Three french hens,” perhaps?



Two weeks later, I picked up where I left off during the Ravellenic Games and finished my two-colored version of the Fanny shawlette by Johanna Halonen. The blue yarn comes from a friend who came across it on a visit to Germany, and the pattern is originally written in Finnish. While I don’t know any Finnish, I was able to knit with the help of Google Translate and equal parts trial-and-error and research. Just need to block it before it’s officially finished.

Most recently, I finished a commissioned Christmas present for a co-worker’s friend. Her friend loves ferrets, so we found the perfect ferret plushie pattern, added a little magenta scarf, and found a book about ferrets for him to enjoy before he makes his way home. No word on his name yet, but if it were up to me, I’d name him Snuggles. πŸ™‚


So all in all, it’s been a pretty productive few months for crafting! That said, there are still quite a few WIP Mountain projects that I need to get back to.

Moving Forward

My first priority and the current loophole project is a baby blanket for a co-worker who is expecting a new arrival in the spring. I won’t share any details just yet for fear of spoiling the surprise too soon.

My second priority is to do the final assembly on the Santa Poses and Victorian Christmas Stockings cross-stitch ornaments. It’s too late to enjoy them on the Christmas tree this year, but they are so close to completion that we may as well enjoy them a little bit later in the winter just for grins.

My third priority is this list of projects:

  • the Serenity shawl
  • the Gradient 1 Wrap
  • the Caron Simply Soft shrug
  • the four Mother Bear projects

The Serenity shawl is also from the Ravellenic Games and will be lovely to wear in early spring. I’ll also continue making progress on the wrap and the shrug. I’m hoping to finish these four projects by the end of winter so I can enjoy them at least a little bit before summer heats up again. I would also like to work on the Mother Bear projects because they are fun, easy to do, and are a great way to do good for others.

Happy Holidays to all, and a peaceful New Year. πŸ™‚


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