Tiny Hat For Tiny Plushies

Made from embroidery floss, this cone-shaped hat is sure to keep any tiny plushie nice and warm. Inspired by Llamas With Hats (gore warning!).



  • Green embroidery floss
  • White or cream-colored size 3 yarn for neck strap
  • Set of four size 2 (2.75 mm) double-pointed needles


Circumference: 13-14 cm.
Height: 8.5 cm.


With size 2 dpns, cast on 4 sts across 2 needles.
Rnds 1-2: Knit 2 rnds of 4 sts each.
Rnd 3: Knit 1, kfb twice, divide the 6 sts across 3 needles.
Rnds 4-5: Knit 2 rnds of 6 sts each.
Rnd 6: Knit 1, kfb three times.
Rnds 7-8: Knit 2 rnds of 9 sts each.
Rnd 9: Knit 2, kfb three times.
Rnds 10-11: Knit 2 rnds of 12 sts each.
Rnd 12: Knit 3, kfb three times.
Rnds 13-14: Knit 2 rnds of 15 sts each.
Rnd 15: Knit 4, kfb three times.
Rnds 16-17: Knit 2 rnds of 18 sts each.
Rnd 18: Knit 5, kfb three times.
Rnds 19-20: Knit 2 rnds of 21 sts each.
Rnd 21: Knit 6, kfb three times.
Rnds 22-23: Knit 2 rnds of 24 sts each.
Rnd 24: Knit 7, kfb three times.
Rnds 25-26: Knit 2 rnds of 27 sts each.
Rnd 27: Knit 8, kfb three times.
Rnds 28-29: Knit 2 rnds of 30 sts each.
Rnd 30: Knit 9, kfb three times.
Rnds 31-32: Knit 2 rnds of 33 sts each.
Rnd 33: Knit 10, kfb three times.
Rnds 34-35: Knit 2 rnds of 36 sts each.
Rnd 36: Knit 11, kfb three times.
Rnds 37-38: Knit 2 rnds of 39 sts each.
Rnd 39: Knit 12, kfb three times.
Rnds 40-41: Knit 2 rnds of 42 sts each.
Cast off.


Weave in ends.

To make neck strap:
Measure a piece of thin white yarn or desired color about twice as long as the distance from one side of the hat brim to the opposite side of the brim, or about 12-14 cm.

Turn hat inside out and place on the plushie’s head. Weave the ends through the wrong side near the brim at opposite ends of the hat. Adjust the yarn so that it holds the hat snugly to the plushie’s head. Carefully knot the yarn and trim the ends. Turn the hat right side out and place on the plushie’s head. Enjoy!

This pattern is for personal use only. PDF available here! More patterns available here!